Tandem Pick Bridge Beams – Gary, IN

Chellino Crane using their Grove GMK7550 w/ Mega Wing Lift and their Liebherr LTM 1500-8.1 w/ Y Guyed in tandem lifting box beam sections. Some of the box beam sections weighed up to 231,236 lbs. and were over 36 ft. long and 15 ft. high. Chellino Crane used max counterweight on both cranes. Liebherr LTM 1500-8.1 w/ Y Guyed had out 164 ft. Main Boom + 363,800 lbs. Counterweight + Max Radius was 72 ft. Grove GMK7550 w/ Mega Wing Lift had out 147.6 ft. Main Boom + 352,700 lbs. Counterweight + Max Radius was 67 ft.

Working on the Ebony/Jet Headquarters – Chicago, IL

Chellino Crane takes pride in its Chicagoland heritage. Despite having over 70 years in the industry, we are always excited to work on a local landmark. The longtime home to Ebony/Jet Magazine headquarters (recently declared a Chicago landmark) is currently being transformed into apartments. Located at 820 South Michigan Avenue, the building is part of the recent revitalization of the South Loop. Chellino Crane used it’s 450 ton Grove GMK 6400 (with luffing jib) to make the reach required to assist in the demo on the upper floors. It’s not every day you can set up a 450 ton crane in a vacant lot on Michigan Avenue!

Chellino Crane Overhead Crane Install

Before the cold hit, a Midwestern steel mill needed a bridge crane lifted and installed in two days. Consisting of overhead beams of 155,000 lbs., and a 139,000 lb. trolley system, this bridge crane was not to be taken lightly. Two years of planning came down to two days to lift and install. A Liebherr LTM 1500-8.1 – 625 ton all-terrain hydraulic crane with 363,770 lbs. of counterweight was used to lift the bridge crane into place. With 155 ft. of boom and 69 ft. of luffing jib (with Y-Guy), Chellino Crane was able to get the project completed safely and on time.

Chellino Crane Frankfort Flag Replacement

Chellino Crane replaces the U.S. flag atop the Frankfort Grainery in Frankfort, IL. As you can see, this was no ordinary flag raising! At over 200 feet tall, the project required the use of Chellino’s Grove GMK5165 165 Ton All-Terrain hydraulic crane to get the man basket in position to raise the flag.

ML Crane Group was ranked #15 in AC&T’s 2019 Top 100!

We Are #15! We are pleased to announce that the ML Crane Group was ranked #15 in AC&T’s 2019 Top 100! This ranking represents the top 100 crane companies in the United States based off total overall crane lifting capacity. Up from #16 in 2018, the ML Crane Group continues to expand by adding equipment and new locations across the United States. We are excited to be part of the growing crane industry and want to thank all of our team members across the United States that made this possible.